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We develop innovative solutions with new available technologies. Improve your process of production and increase your performance.

Using a smart applications, IOT, AI, Drones and other skills.





Using unmanned aerial vehicles, geographic information systems, dashboards and accountant auditories we improve the cadastral order and actualice the tax valuation of the properties for local governments.

Security Software Suite

Safe City it's a integral cloud platform for keeping citizens safe. Including IOT, AI, Drones, mobile and web applications, our software allow monitoring 24/7.

Our services

IA Solutions

We provide artificial intelligence solutions for multiple areas. Using big data, machine learning, deep learning and computer vision allow us development smart custom application.


Governments and companies are finding new challenges by fighting new threats in cyberspace. We have a highly trained team and tools to protect and create a secure environment.


According to the report "clarity from above" PwC global report on the commercial applications of drone technology estimate $127.3 bn Value of global market for drone powered business solutions. We have a specialist team at UAV solutions

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